System Sales and Rental

Contact us to purchase or rent a SmartTest™ system. Capital purchase, rental, financing – whatever your financial constraints we can accommodate your needs.


We have the most experienced team in the Acoustic Resonance Inspection business, with extensive knowledge of legacy systems dating back to the very inception of acoustic resonance inspection. If you have one of these systems and arent sure you’re getting the most from it, we can help. Contact us™to discuss whether we can add value:


  • Inspection Process Improvement
  • ARI System Optimization
  • Personnel Training
  • ARI System Repair, Service and Calibration
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Lean Process Design and Implementation
  • Non-conforming Material Handling
  • Visual Management

Component Inspection

Contact us to arrange for high volume component inspection, at one of our test centers or at your site*. We provide fast, effective, affordable testing with SmartTest™. Our work is impartial, proactive, transparent, and collaborative. Related services – other inspection, sorting, packaging, labeling, warehousing, and transport can be made available should they add value.

* Project scope permitting, let’s talk about it.


Achieve a pain free launch and maximum throughout and productivity day one, at delivery to your site. SmartLaunch™ is a four stage, collaborative process in which we simulate your mass production context to fully optimize the inspection approach, flaw detection, yield and throughput prior to transfer of your system to your site. You avoid start up pain, shorten the learning curve and benefit from maximum productivity from the very first day of production. Contact us to discuss whether SmartLaunch™ adds value for you.

WHY SmartTest™


Extended Bandwidth

Extended Bandwidth

Identify More Failure Modes

Bandwidth to 95 kilohertz makes many more resonant peaks available, enhancing defect detection by revealing additional failure modes not available with lesser bandwidth.

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Extended Bandwidth

Ultra High Resolution

Find Smaller Flaws

Resolution of up to 89k spectral lines provides the most accurate waveform available. This reveals ever smaller flaws, eliminates false peaks, and reduces false rejects.

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Extended Bandwidth

Modern and Reliable Hardware

More Power, No Downtime

The SmartTest™ analyzer has the horsepower needed to deliver ultra-fast cycle times while running at twice the bandwidth and up to four times the resolution of legacy systems. The SmartTest™ actuator eliminates use of a force sensor, mitigating common causes of downtime and human errors.

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Extended Bandwidth

Integral Process Compensation

Fast, Reliable, Effective

Our integrated solution avoids the need for an external interface and complicated data communication between multiple programs. Downtime is eliminated; cycle time, productivity, reliability, and quality are enhanced.

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Extended Bandwidth

Confirmed reject capture

Rejects Cannot Escape

All SmartTest™ Pro, Pro Plus, and Mini systems feature 'positive capture sensing' of rejected parts, providing a closed loop solution that ensures you are protected from defect escapes.

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Extended Bandwidth

Productivity Suite

Max Throughput and Profit

A host of features has been provided to reduce or eliminate lost production time in a mass production environment - maximizing throughput and profitability. New part setup, changeovers, daily criteria adjustments are sped up; human error is prevented; troubleshooting is simple and fast.
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